Friday, February 17, 2012

Understanding your Technology Goals & Abilities

We recently had a client contact us who was in dire straits. She had a small family shop and knew she needed to expand her internet presence but was not sure where to begin. After helping her to identify the core areas she wanted to grow we were able to help her formulate a marketing and social media deployment solution.

Originally she requested two websites, two Facebook accounts, 9 Twitter accounts, 10 blogs as well as 10 Google profiles. Her believe was that each area of her store should have its own unique identity on the internet. Taking a step back and looking at things though the client’s viewpoint it was easy to see what she was thinking. She told us “I can look just as big as Macy’s or JC Penny on the Internet if do all this”. In fact, yes she was correct. The Internet more or less is an even playing field where a smaller company can compete with a much larger one. However, it is important to understand your physical and financial resources when planning out your strategy.

We explained to our client that the ambitious goals she was setting would require a large amount of her time to keep each area properly marketed and updated and that we feared she would soon feel overwhelmed. Our team explained to her that not keeping all of these media outlets updated would in the long run be much worse than not having them at all. In the end we settled on a scaled back solution which is much easier for her and her staff to manage without feeling overwhelmed.
  1. Know your budget and available resources.

  2. Prioritize your goals and identify your desired outcome.

  3. No matter how good you believe your plan is, it is always a good idea to work with an agency to get a second opinion and ask questions about items you are not sure of.

Sean O'Connor
Director of Technology Services

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time to invest back into your business

As the economy improves now is a perfect time to invest into your company. Over the last few years most businesses have had to really watch the bottom line and pull back on expenditures. Unfortunately for most small businesses, marketing and technology services were the first to be put on hold.

Today, with the U.S. economy improving there has never been a better time to invest back into your business. The team at Guildernet can help, whether you need a new website, some new marketing campaigns or maybe even need to completely rebrand your business to reflect a change in strategic direction.

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